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October 28, 2015


Kitesurfing, Swimming, Jogging, Walking

2. Beach

The ocean in front of Villa Arcadia offers fantastic opportunities for advanced kitesurfing, with a very high probability of steady wind. You can bring your own equipment or we can put you in contact with local kite schools. Villa Arcadia provides free kitesurf equipment storage.

SriLankaFebruary2013 HappySharks

The ocean temperature is very cozy year-round, reaching some 30 degrees Celsius.

In October to May mornings, the ocean is mostly flat, inviting you and your family for hours of bathing and splashing around. Very often, you will be the only one bathing on this 30 kilometers stretch of golden beach.


You can go for a long walk or jog along the endless palm belt, and let the ocean refresh your feet and light breeze caress your face.

The area around Villa Arcadia is still very authentic, inhabited mostly by fisherman. From October to March, you can observe fishermen coming back with boats full of fish.

Relaxing, Sunbathing, Meditating

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Villa Arcadia is a perfect place to relax your body and soul. Here a couple of suggestions:

Swing in the hammock. Take a sunbath on your private terrace. Slowly sip your king coconut juice.

Plunge into the refreshing infinity pool. Swim along the sculpted colums and contemplate the shimmering ocean.


3. Pool



























Roam your eyes on the palm garden with its over hundred swaying coconut palms, birds and butterflies. Read a good book.



















Meditate in the sunset.



















Fine Dining

Indulge in Fusion cuisine.

Tell Shanika about your preferences. She can prepare different meals, from Sri Lankan famous recipies through delicious Chinese cuisine to Western food, or fusion them all. She can adjust the spice level to your and your children liking. What do you think of this:

Crab soup with ginger, rice wine, sesame oil and coriander

Giant Chinese dumplings stuffed with pumpkin and shrimp

Spicy chicken with daal curry

Wood apple juice

Tropical fruit platter

Freshly brewed Ceylon tea

12. Dining

Melting Pot of Cultures

The larger area around Villa Arcadia from Chilaw to Kalpityia is a colorful melting pot of different cultures, inhabited by Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and a Hindu minority. It is worth noting that, even during the Sri Lankan conflicts of the past, this area was always very quiet and people of different cultures continue living peacefully side by side. The people generally are very friendly. Feel free to melt in.




Diving, Snorkeling and Dolphin Watching in the Marine Sanctuary of Kalpityia

The Marine Sanctuary of Kalpityia is within an hour drive from Villa Arcadia.

It is said to be the best spot in Sri Lanka for dolphin watching due to a great number of spinner, bottlenose and Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins that show up in superpods. People report seing hundreds of dolphins..  Sperm and blue whales, Minke, Melon-Headed and Dwarf Sperm whales can also be spotted.

The Marine Sanctuary also offers outstanding diving with a diversity of habitats, including the Bar Reef, a system of coral reefs with the greatest biodiversity of any coral reef in the waters around India and one of the few pristine coral reef systems in Sri Lanka. The Bar Reef of Kalpityia is home to 156 species of coral and 283 species of fish. Eagle rays, electric rays, marble rays, Napoleon Wrasse Grouper, Honey Moray Eel,huge Spinney lobster, resident turtle, octopus, Fimbriated Moray are just a few of them.

November to December and March to April are best for diving, snorkling, dolphin- and whale-watching in Kalpityia. These activities are only recommended when the ocean is quiet.

Kalpityia Discovery Diving is one of the best providers in the area. Please feel free to visit http://www.kalpitiyadiving.lk/




National Parks



















Several national parks can be visited in a day trip from Villa Arcadia.

Wilpattu National Park

The entrance of the Sri Lanka’s largest and oldest Wilpattu National Park is some 90 kilometers drive from Villa Arcadia. The unique feature of this park are some sixty “Willus” or natural lakes that fill with rainwater and attract many birds and animals for drinking and bathing. The painted stork, the open bill, little cormorant, Sri Lanka junglefowl, many species of owls, terns, gulls, eagles, kites buzzards, garganey, pintail, whistling teal, spoonbill, white ibis, purple heron and egrets are among the many birds inhabiting the park. The mammals  living in the park include the elephant, sloth bear, leopard, water buffalo, sambhur, spotted deer and mongoose. Due to its size, the park is not crowded and has a peaceful atmosphere. The best time to visit Wilpattu is during the months of February and October. There are a few private eco-tourism groups that show tourists around the park in Safari like trips. Jeep with driver can be rented for example through www.wilpattusafarijeep.com.


































Minneria National Park

Minneria National Park with the world’s largest and fascinating gathering of elephants, is situated about 150 kilometers from Villa Arcadia. This safari is an absolute highlight of any visit to Sri Lanka. Some four hundred elephants come for grassing and bathing in the Minneria tank built by King Mahasen in third century AD. The scenery is absolutely majestic. Some reports account number of elephants to as high as severn hundred. Apart from elephants, Minneria National Park is home to 160 species of birds, 75 species of butterflies, and 24 species of mammals, some of which are endemic. Best time to visit is during dry period from May to September. You can hire a jeep with a driver at the park entrance.






















npe30Ritigala Strict Natural Reserve

The Ritigala Strict Natural Reserve with its giant trees and extensive ruins of an ancient city, are situated about 140 km from Villa Arcadia.

The ruins of an ancient monastery on the high Ritigala Mountain, dating back to 1st century B.C., cover an area of 24 hectares.

A magnificently constructed pavement, a hewn stone path 1.5 meters wide meanders upwards through the forest, linking the major buildings, huge stone-cut Ayurvedic oil baths, ponds, circular platforms, courtyards, artificial waterfalls, granite Budha statues and lookouts of the monastery. It is a beautiful walk through three different types of forest, among amazing trees, gray monkeys and butterflies. Visitors describe Ritigala as one of their top experiences in Sri Lanka. Best time to visit is in the dry season, June to September.





















Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage

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UNECSO World Heritage sites

You can visit four of the Sri Lanka’s eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites in a day trip. You have the option to admire the Ancient City of Sigiria, the Golden Temple of Dambulla, and the Sacred Cities of Kandy or the Sacred City of Anuradhapura. After a rich journey, you can come back to your heavenly dwelling at the ocean to dream and relax.

Sacred City of Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura, one of the oldest continously inhabited cities in the world, is situated some 90 kilometers Northwest of Villa Arcadia. The City is famous for its rich collection of archaeological and architectural wonders: enormous dagobas, soaring brick towers, ancient pools and temple ruins, built during Anuradhapura’s thousand years of rule over Sri Lanka. The dagobas are bell-shaped masses of masonry, varying from a few feet to over 340 meters in circumference. Some of them contain enough masonry to build a town for twenty-five thousand inhabitants. The most famous of the monastic buildings is the Brazen Palace erected by King Dutugamunu about 164 B.C. The city also contains a sacred Bo-Tree, which is said to date back to the year 245 BC.





Ancient City of Sigiria




Some 150 kilometers West from Villa Arcadia, a massive, 200 meters high and perhaps 300 meters long magma rock juts out from the green tropical forest. Some 1 500 years ago, the king Kashyapa built a palace on the top and around the rock. Impressive terraced, water, cave and boulder gardens surrounding the palace are among the oldest landscaped gardens in the world. An engineering marvel, water was piped through bamboo pipes from the pools at the base of the rock, all the way up to the upper palace. The western wall of Sigiriya was almost entirely covered by frescoes. Eighteen frescoes of sublime beauty and extraordinary colors depicting nude females, considered to be either the portraits of Kasyapa’s wives and concubines or priestess performing religious rituals, have survived to this day. Today, visitors can walk through the gardens and then climb 1 200 steps to the top of the magma rock, admire the ruins of the upper palace and enjoy the 360 degrees view over the green jungle ocean around. This site is just amazing.









The impressive Buddhist cave temple complex of Dambulla is situated some 150 kilometers West from Villa Arcadia.

There are more than 80 documented caves. Major attractions are spread over 5 caves, containing a total of 153 Buddha statues and impressive mural paintings over an area of over two thousand square meters, dating back to the 1st century B.C.

At the Ibbankatuwa Prehistoric burial site near Dambulla, 2 700 years old human skeletons were found to give evidence of civilisations in this area long before the arrival of Buddhism to Sri Lanka.



Ayurvedic Treatments

A nice way to start and your stay on this magical island is to take an Ayurveda massage in Negombo.