Villa Arcadia

Discovery Time...

April 20, 2017

Diving and Dolphin Watching


The Marine Sanctuary of Kalpityia is some 40 kilometers North from Villa Arcadia.

It is said to be the best spot in Sri Lanka for dolphin watching due to a great number of spinner, bottlenose and Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins that show up in super pods. People report seeings hundreds of dolphins..

Sperm and blue whales, minke, melon-headed and dwarf sperm whales can also be spotted.

The Marine Sanctuary of Kalpityia also offers outstanding diving with a diversity of habitats, including the Bar Reef, a system of coral reefs with the greatest biodiversity of any coral reef in the waters around India and one of the few pristine coral reef systems in Sri Lanka.

The Bar Reef of Kalpityia is home to 156 species of coral and 283 species of fish.

Eagle rays, electric rays, marble rays, napoleon wrasse grouper, honey moray eel, huge spinney lobster, resident turtle, octopus, fimbriated moray are just a few of them.

November to December and March to April are best months for diving, dolphin watching and whale watching in Kalpityia marine sanctuary.