Our Eco Philosophy

Sustainable Paradise

November 4, 2015

Our Eco Philosophy

Villa Arcadia promises to maximize the enjoyment of your stay, while leaving minimal impact on the delicate and precious ecosystem of the magical island Sri Lanka.



Building of Villa Arcadia

Already while building the villa, we tried to minimize the impact on the environment.

The use of machines has been very limited, relying wherever possible on the craftsmanship and traditional methods of local builders. There were no bulldozers, cranes, or fuel-powered concrete mixers on the construction site. Rather than using a lot of energy (in a region where electricity blackouts are not rare) and destroying the landscape, Villa Arcadia provided jobs for the local builders.

We made a great effort to use local construction materials. Villa Arcadia used exclusively certified teak wood from Sri Lanka, for both construction and furnishing, despite long waiting times for permits.

Two locals were employed for two and a half months to cover the walls of Villa Arcadia with Quarzite cladding panels. As a result, not only the villa looks like it is clad in a beautiful glittery-white wedding dress, but the use of painting chemicals has been dramatically lowered. Quarzite does not require any paint or other chemical treatment. In the tropics, where ongoing painting is normally necessary to keep things nice, this is a major plus.


Eco Infrastructure

It was an important goal to achieve sustainability and self-sufficiency in terms of Energy. Sri Lanka has plenty of sunshine, and 24 Solar panels with a combined output of 6 KW will provide the power for the Villa Arcadia in a sustainable way for many years to come.

Minimum impact on the environment was also guiding us in the creation of the infinity pool at Villa Arcadia. Instead of regularly adding aggressive free chlorine to the water, a Salt Water Chlorinator is used. A very small amount of natural sea salt is added to the water (which still tastes sweet). The Chlorinator technology then generates the just right amount of chlorine for sanitation from the salt, and radically reduces the impact of chemicals on the environment. Apart from being environmentally friendly, this technology produces hygienic sweet water that is much softer than the chlorinated one, avoiding skin- and eye irritation. The pool pumps and filters are also powered by solar energy.

Water is provided from the Villa’s own deep water well. A sophisticated General Ecology filter system has been installed to filter the water for drinking, to avoid major plastic waste from bottled water.

Villa Arcadia has built its own biological sewage works for its gray water and black water.


Fine Dining with Local Produce

Wherever possible, local products are used in preparation of meals and drinks for all guests. We try to minimize the use of imported products to reduce the transportation emissions and preserve the jobs of local farmers. Fortunately, Sri Lanka produces fantastic tropical fruits, a great number of very tasty vegetables, outstanding spices, virgin coconut and other aromatic oils, organic chicken, or fish, crabs or prawns directly from the ocean.

We pride ourselves of daily fresh sourcing from local providers.  Local farmers, fishers, bakers, butchers, grocers and vegetable producers provide us with fresher, tastier and healthier food. Less processing, cooling, packaging, transporting. More taste, more authenticity.

13. Fruits of Paradise